Why Is My Cat Afraid Of Heights?

My Cat Afraid:  Is your cat afraid of heights If you have ever seen a cat standing on a low-lying branch while it has its head in the clouds, or on top of a tall tree, you may be able to see why cats are scared of heights.

Many cats are afraid of heights because they do not like heights. The more the cat is afraid of heights, the more tense and nervous it becomes.

As time goes by, the tension will build and the cat will become increasingly difficult to handle.


Why Is My Cat Afraid Of Heights?

Why Is My Cat Afraid Of Heights?

It is hard to make a cat afraid of heights.

Some cats do seem to like heights.

But as the cat gets older, it will develop a more negative attitude about heights.

Sometimes, a cat can’t help it.

A cat that is afraid of heights is often very anxious.

It will often appear stressed and nervous. It will be very shy.

It will also run away from people, even if it is a treat or it is being hugged by a friend.

You may be able to teach your cat to get used to heights.

You can start by finding a cat-proof ladder.

Place the ladder in a place where your cat will not be able to reach it.

Cats usually like to climb trees and ladders so try to find an empty tree branch where your cat may have no other choice but to go up.

  • Once your cat gets used to climbing up the ladder, you can start training your cat to get use to heights by teaching it how to do it.
  • Start by giving it a treat.
  • Then, put your hand just below the ladder, and grab the treat.
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Then bring your hand down to grab the cat’s paw and move it away from the ladder.

  1. When your cat gets used to this, move your hand up and down the ladder, moving the treat towards your hand every time the cat walks over your hand.
  2. Soon, your cat will learn that you are pulling it away from the ladder when it walks over your hand.
  3. The next time you want to take your cat to climb on the ladder, give it the treat.
  4. And when it is ready, raise the ladder slowly until it is almost level with your shoulder.
  5. After your cat has climbed up onto the ladder, let it have the treat that you gave it.

Then bring it back down slowly and don’t pull your hand or arm down or tug at your leg.

As the cat climbs back down, continue to move your hand slowly back and forth.

  • When your cat is satisfied, place the treat on your palm.
  • Again, let your cat eat the treat.
  • The answer to the question why is my cat afraid of heights is that your cat’s fear of heights is based on a learned behavior.
  • You can’t turn back the clock.
  • But you can teach your cat that it should never jump off a ladder or a tree.

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